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    Description: IsoMétadonnées, 29184 KB, Graphics and Design, Photography, Olivier Brosse

    isométadonnées vers 4.02

    IsoMetadonnées is an app for visualizing and managing metadata contained within image files. IsoMetadonnées manages many image file types, like JPG files, and even RAW CR2 (image file from Canon). Features - Read, write and modify EXIF, IPTC, XMP, Maker metadata - Add, delete and modify easily keywords, by hands or with the help of preferred keywords list - Modify the modification and creation dates of the files, directly or by using the dates contained in metadata - Offset dates - Locate image on map - Modify images geo-localization, by hands, with the help of preferred locations list, or from GPX file - Delete metadata - Copy or concatene metadata from one to another, inside an image file - Copy metadata from one image file to another - Import and export metadata from or to MIE file Languages available: IsoMétadonnées is available in French and English.

    Updated to OS X jyeezu.ver.4.01.isométadonnées.zip | 26265 kbytes |
    Version Sierra IsoMétadonnées.vers.6.02.Drd.dmg | 34728 kbytes |

    Olivier Brosse

    Best MacBook Air MYag.QTMarker.vers.1.2.11.pkg [1570 kbytes] 2.2.7
    Updated OS X VIMR.VERSION.0.29.1.XAAE.PKG [13660 kbytes] 0.26.5
    Updated iMac Pro v_1.5.1_TaskAgent_uo7R.tar.gz [5222 kbytes] 1.2.2
    to Sierra version-6.2.5-EarMaster-Pro-dTTJ.zip [129761 kbytes] 6.2.8
    Featured OS X E-Mail.Commander.2.5.1.t9GvW.zip [9914 kbytes] 3.5.1

    | 27141 kbytes | Update IsoMétadonnées vers.4.5 FXMsaS 5.02 New! version
    | 31810 kbytes | App ISOMÉTADONNÉES 4.01 B78R 3.20 10.14.3
    | 30643 kbytes | Update vers.5.02 IsoMétadonnées 0Yqt3 4.6 Best! version
    | 23639 kbytes | Software kFtSG IsoMétadonnées version 6.02 4.5 Updated Sierra

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